kokiy documentation

Date: Nov 24, 2021 Version: 0.4.0

Useful links: Source Repository | Bug Tracker | PyPI

kokiy contains utilities to work on 2D and 3D structured grids. Grids can be, among others, cartesian planes (CartShell) or axi-cylindrical extrusions from x-r splines (AxiShell). ThickShell are 3D shells built by extruding any of the available 2d objects. Check out the API reference for an extensive list of all available geometries.

Main features include:

  • create 2D and 3D structured grids (including axi-cylindrical objects)

  • interpolate a solution

  • operate (e.g. average) a solution over a direction

  • dump shells for fields visualization in ParaView

  • export mesh in any format available in yamio (e.g. hip-friendly .hdf5, xdfm, dolfin-xml)

  • export .geo files for visualization with tiny-3d-engine


Install with

pip install kokiy